Silently comes the winter.

After a great summer season and a great autumn, the camping season comes to an end for many. If you have not already done so, remember to prepare your vehicle for the winter!

Here are a few tips, so that the first tour in spring can start with joy and without frost damage:

Wohnwagen_Wohnmobil winterfest
  • Is the water drained from the fresh water tank?

  • Is the sewage tank and toilet flush drained?

  • Taps and pumps emptied?
  • Water drained from the hose of the shower?

  • Emptied water pipes?

  • Toilet pump emptied?

  • Waste tank emptied?

  • Clothes and bed linen brought out of the Camper?

  • Dehumidifier placed in the vehicle?

  • Awning dry and clean packed?

  • Battery charge (best every 2 to 3 weeks for 24 hours) guaranteed?

  • Food taken and fridge put on “vent”?

  • Tire pressure increased (with longer service life)?

  • Roller blinds and fly screens left over winter?

  • Regular ventilation and heating guaranteed?

Have fun with your holm caravaning team